So, What is Through The Line (TTL) Marketing?

First, let’s start with what Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) marketing is, and then we can get to TTL.

Above The Line (ATL) marketing/advertising consists of communication efforts which are largely non-targeted and have a very wide reach. Think: billboards, television, radio – you got it. ATL activities are commonly in place to build brand awareness and inform consumers about general product information. Conversion rates of ATL activities aren’t expected to be very high, however, the general rule of thumb is that your ad spend/budget will need to be reasonably high.

Below The Line (BTL) marketing/advertising is more focused, direct communication, targeting specific consumers with specific messaging strategies. Think: direct marketing (emails, SMS campaigns etc.), sponsorships, in-store activations – yip, you got this one too. BTL efforts are generally intended to create conversions (leads, sales, buy-in from consumers), as opposed to building the brand as a whole. In relative terms, BTL marketing efforts require less budget because of the nature of the mediums which are being used, and therefore, usually offer a better Return On Investment (ROI).

Okay, so what’s Through The Line Marketing then?

Through The Line (TTL) marketing efforts combine both ATL and BTL tactics in one overall marketing strategy, which produces a 360° reach which results in both building brand awareness, as well as conversions. Sounds fab, right? It is.

TTL strategies are creative, focussed marketing plans which product results.

Practically speaking…

An example of effective Through The Line marketing efforts would include a mixture of broad audience reach (like billboards or street pole ads), as well as a solid digital strategy which would include social media marketing, email campaigns as well as integration with your website objectives – basically, every touch-point a consumer has with your company, they are seeing the same brand, the same messaging and the same call to actions. In this way, you are both cementing your brands in the hearts and minds of your consumers, while also encouraging them to take action and make them want to engage with you.

In undertaking a Through The Line approach to your marketing efforts, you are both ensuring a wide reach, to both targeted and peripheral audiences, as well as ensuring your budgets don’t go through the roof. Instead of blowing your entire marketing spend on Above The Line marketing, which doesn’t always show on your bottom line, a more integrated approach can be more cost effective, while also ensuring a high ROI.

Brand Spanking Marketing can help with developing an effective marketing strategy that suits both your business objectives, as well as your budget. Contact us today to meet with one of our experienced core team members to discuss how we can excite and delight your audience with a creative marketing plan that will product the results that you are after.