Why use an event management company?

You’ve got a marketing team, right? You have an event in a few months – surely they can just…put it all together?

Well…No. Not really. One of the biggest areas that companies battle with is the accurate planning and successful execution of their event, when an internal team is appointed whose focus is not solely on event organisation. Not because they are incapable, but because people often misjudge the enormity of putting on a seamless, successful event which will wow your guests.
We have gather a few important reasons why you should hire a specialised event management company to take care of your corporate get togethers, large and small.

1. Organisation is key.

Nothing results in a successful event like sound organisation skills. This kind of experience is developed over years and years of planning and running events of different sizes, different locations and audiences. Bringing in an external company will ensure that everything runs smoothly, from planning to execution.   

2. It’s not just what you know…

…it’s also who you know. Generally, established event management companies will have a multitude of contacts with various suppliers and have working relationships with them – whether this means potential discounted rates for certain services, or pulling the rabbit out of the hat on a moment’s notice, having someone who knows who’s who in the industry can help tremendously.   

3. Less admin for you

Certain events and venues have very stringent health and safety rules that absolutely have to be adhered to – if you don’t, there is possibility that your event will be shut down before it even properly begins. Event management companies have experience with dealing with these regulations and ensuring that your event will conform.   

4. Getting things done right…the first time

No need for you or your team to spend hours and hours and hours (and hours) doing research to find the right suppliers…and even worse, contracting someone only to find out two days before the event that they can’t deliver/won’t deliver/have taken your money and run. You and your workforce have other core business activities to worry about – event managers have done the time and the research to know which suppliers to use   

5. Make sure you’re keeping up with the Joneses

Keeping up with trends can be quite difficult if events aren’t your core focus. Event managers do this day in and day out – they know what is hip and happening and can offer advice and creative input to ensure that your event is well received by your guests.   

6. Budget. Budget. Budget.

While you may think that hiring an event manager is adding to your budget, it more than likely will actually save you money. Whether it’s in terms of your time, or making expensive mistakes like choosing unreliable service providers, or even forgetting something important off of the budget at the beginning of the planning process which then needs to be squeezed in at the last minute – event planners deal with budgets every day and understand the planning, considerations and contingencies that need to be in place.

Brand Spanking Marketing can help you plan and execute any 
corporate function, large or small, from conferences and awards ceremonies, to team building and product launches. Chat to us about your needs and we will make sure we put something spectacular together for you.
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